Gold Leaf Christmas Ornaments

INSIDE : Learn how to take simple ceramic Christmas balls and transform them into gorgeous statement Gold Leaf Christmas Ornaments!  The gold foil will shimmer and shine on your tree.

Gold Foil Ornaments

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What supplies do I need to make Gold Leaf Christmas Ornaments?

Ceramic Christmas Ornament Balls (Similar ceramic ornament discs)
Paint pens (Black, Silver, Green + Bronze)
Gold Leaf sheets or Gold Foil sheets
Gold Leaf Adhesive Glue
Sponge Brushes

Gold Foil Ornament supplies

How to decorate Christmas Ornaments?

There are endless ways to decorate a Christmas ornament.  For this project, I picked four different colored paint pens (green, black, silver + bronze) and decided on a specific pattern for each ornament.

And you don’t have to do the pattern on the entire ornament, as the lower half of the ball will be covered in gorgeous gold leaf.

Simply, draw your pattern onto each ornament and allow a few minutes to dry!

Decorating Ceramic Ornaments

How do I make Gold Leaf Christmas Ornaments?

Once your ornament is dry, it is time to add the gold leafing!

Turn your ornament upside down in your hand and squeeze out a small to medium amount of  Gold Leaf Adhesive glue onto it.  Using your sponge brush, spread out the glue every place you’d like to see gold foil.  I preferred the slightly messy, not perfect edge so I made sure to have my glue mimic that.

Ornament and Gold Leaf glue

Once the glue has dried, per the instructions, it’s time to add the gold leaf sheet.  I found it easiest to simply place my ornament in the middle of a sheet and slightly roll it around until all the glue areas were covered.

Ceramic Ornament and Gold Leaf

The next step is one that I always make SUCH a mess with!  So, whenever possible, I try to do it immediately over a trashcan or my preference is outdoors.

Gold leaf sheets are so thin that they move and blow all over the place, so be aware you might have lovely little spots of shimmering gold after this step.  (There could be worse things in this world, though.)

Using a clean sponge brush, gently brush away all the excess gold foil until all that remains is the gold leafing where the glue was.

Gold Foil and Ornaments

You are then left with the most lovely gold leafed Christmas ornaments!

Green Cross Ornament and Gold Leaf

I have done quite a few gold leaf projects over the years.  And each time, I am blown away by their beauty.

Gold Foil Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

There is something so elegant and regal about gold leaf.  It is a technique that I think I will always love and I think it looks amazing when done on Christmas Ball Ornaments.

Gold Foil Ornaments with Black Patterns
Gold Foil Ornaments in Evergreen

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Embroidery Hoop Ornament

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