Loving these

It’s Friday and my mama is here visiting me and the sun in shining and we went shopping earlier today and I’m feeling happy!  So before I go on about all the other happy things, let’s chat about how I’m Loving these fun things!


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I am so loving this laundry room.  The half wall of blue floral wallpaper just makes my heart sing.

The most lovely Friendsgiving table setting.  I am working on mine for next week, but I love the soft colors of this one.

I’ve been contemplating letter boards and I love that Amazon sells them in all shapes, sizes and colors now!

I’ll never pass up a tasty Moscow Mule and this one looks so perfect for the fall season!

THIS KITCHEN!!!  My friend, Aniko literally is the most amazing DIY-er.  She just completed her kitchen in the One Room Challenge and I adore it.

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Image from top of post : Minimal Thanksgiving Table




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