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Today is the last Friday of July and you know what that means!  Today is Feature Friday.  There are so many talented bloggers and creators out there that inspire me on a DAILY basis, so I have started sharing some of my very favorites on the last Friday of each month.

July 2015 . Feature Friday with Damask Love
I met Amber from Damask Love at Alt Summit in 2013 at a Roundtable she taught called “Anatomy of a Viral DIY.”  She shared so much wonderful information, I was taking notes like crazy but it was her hilarious say-it-like-it-is personality won me over in seconds!  Her style is bright, colorful and the girl knows how to create the most stunning crafts.  There is no doubt after seeing some of her projects, you’ll be following this talented lady!

Feature Friday-DamaskLove, Delineateyourdwelling.com

I asked Amber eight simple questions.
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1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in the Northern California Bay Area and now I call Miami home. Yep – I managed to settle down clear across the country from my home state! After going to college in North Carolina and grad school in Nashville, TN (and meeting my husband there), it was next to impossible for me to return home. 
2. How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
I like minimal fuss. Too many layers or too many embellishments and I start to get the heebie jeebies. I like things simple and clean.
3. If you could move into a home decor store which would it be?
I love Design Within Reach  – but I find it down right hilarious that they think any of their products are actually “within reach.” It’s pricey, which is why I want to move in. It’s the only way I can get my hands on their fancy dancy goods.
4. Do you have “go-to” colors?  If so, what are they?
Loud colors all day long! Sometimes I try to go for muted tones…but who am I kidding. I am all about bright and bold colors combined in a simple, clean and contemporary way. 
5. Do you always DIY or is buying sometimes better?
If you asked me this question pre-motherhood, I would have said that DIY is always the way to go. Now, with a seven month old, I can truly appreciate the need to buy. When I do decide to buy, rather than make, I opt for local shops and makers so at least I can say that someone had a hand in creating it…even if it wasn’t me. My most recent “buy” was a couple of delicious homemade pies from a local shop called Fireman Derek’s. I wish had time to make my own pies, but I don’t – and I’ve I’m being honest, my pies can’t hold a candle to what Fireman Derek is baking.
6. What is one of your favorite projects?  Please share a little bit about it.
I try to post a “favorite” project each week on the blog – so that makes it tough to choose just one. Recently, I began a series of posts called “Craft My Flats” with DIYable shoe embellishments. I am loving each one – especially the Koosh Ball shoe clips, because they are so doggone easy to make and about as cute as it gets!
7. Which is your favorite social media platform and why?
Friendster. Definitely Friendster. Juuuust kidding! Favorite social media platform? Uh…Instagram. Isn’t that everyone’s fave. I have a .02 attention span and I like looking at pretty things. Instagram is perfect for me!
8. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
Here’s how I describe my relationship with blogging: It’s my other full time job. My first full time job is as a child psychologist. Blogging is how I spend the rest of my time. I take blogging seriously and I love watching my blog grow. I love planning awesome content and I love engaging with my readers. It truly is my passion!
Thank you so much Amber for stopping by today!  If you are loving Damask Love like I am, be sure to stop by and send her a hello from me! You can also follow her here:  Facebook / Instagram / PinterestTwitter / Bloglovin’
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8 thoughts on “Feature Friday with Damask Love

  1. Love love love Ambers space and her lip craft my flats. She is so tru to my own heart with keeping those colors loud and bold but with a neat and colorful spin. Love the interview!!!

  2. Oh – that Amber. She’s a wackadoo! HA! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of Feature Friday. And here’s a little secret – after you came to my roundtable, I stalked you a little bit on the interwebs and I was like “uhh…WHY is she taking pointers from me?! She is doing juuuuuuuust fine!” Love you girl.

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