My Favorite Things as I celebrate another birthday!

I have written this post about 22 times and each one, I have deleted as they tend to have an over arching theme of doom and gloom.  Guys, it’s my birthday today and I’m not exceedingly thrilled about it.  So instead of dwelling on how old I am getting, I decided to share a few of my Favorite things as I celebrate another birthday!
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You may think I’m a spry youngster but this mama is turning 37 today.  Yups, thirty-seven-years-old.  It makes me sad only because I have so so many fun and grand things I have thought up in my head and 37 seems older than I’d like to be to do all of them!

I know 100% it’s all in my head because everyone around cheers me on so well… so today I am trying to let go of the bummer vibe and celebrate the little victories.  LIKE – we just moved across the country and all of our belongings are being delivered to our home TODAY!  If that’s not a celebration moment, I’m not sure what is.

So good grief, I am ready to let go of the birthday doom and gloom and just be thankful instead this year.  I’m ready to be joyful no matter my location and age.  I’m ready to rock 37 even if it’s getting REAL CLOSE to grandma age… eek!

Can anyone relate to not wanting to be bummed on their birthday but still being just a wee bit down??  What do you do to help lift your spirits?  Please share so I can start prepping for next year, ha!

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