Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour

Happy Monday afternoon, friends!  

I’ve been asked by Julia from It’s Always Ruetten and by Selene from Restoration Beauty to participate in a Blog Tour.  It’s a bit like a blogging chain letter meets a blog tour.  So, I’m excited to share a little behind the scenes for you.  

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour
took this photo moments ago… very un-fancy styled but very real life

Julia has a wonderful lifestyle blog where she loves being crafty and has a new found talent for making amazing cards for all occasions!  Honestly, gorgeous.

Selene‘s blog features all kinds of fun home things like decor, DIY and tips for keeping organized… oh yes also makeup!

Let’s get started…
1. What am I working on? 
I. am. constantly. working. on. my. “behind the scenes” blog. stuff!!  I do all the web design for my blog and sometimes thats awesome and sometimes it’s not so awesome.  Just returning from Alt Summit I have about 1200 things I want to add or tweak on my site… it’s a slow and painful process for me.

On the fun side, I’m STILL working on my office + guest room update.  I have a few (who am I kidding, a ton) of projects going on in there still.  And until a few big game changer items have happened, I don’t want to share too too much and ruin the surprise.  Here is where I’m at currently.

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
Wow, “my work” that sounds very official.  I’d say that my blog is different by being true to my style and color palette.  I am drawn to geometric patterns like a moth to a flame and yet, I love soft colors; peach, coral, mint, cream, white, brown and gray.  I also love natural materials mixed with clean white.  

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour
i have a problem with editing… this is a random corner in my kitchen

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
This blog has become my creative outlet.  I went to school for Landscape Architecture and practiced for eight years.  After our second kiddo came on the scene (P) only 15 months after our first (A), I decided it was time to stay at home full time.  

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour
shadow boxes i made for my babies

But my creativity didn’t stop just because I was at home… in fact, I would say it only increased!  I create because my brain would explode if I didn’t.  I create because when I go a few days without it, I feel itchy and restless.  Did you know I also have an Etsy store? (below print is for sale)  This blog has been such a blessing to me!

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour
4. How does your writing/creating process work?

My process goes like this, I have 8 million ideas all at the same time.  I have Pinterest boards, notepads, lists and a blogging calendar.  I have ideas planned out for months in advance.  If I had the time, I would probably post multiple projects per day… just an explosion of creativity going on in my mind at all times.

Then, during the one hour I have while BOTH of my young kids are napping, I pull out supplies and craft in high speed.  Most days, it takes me a few days to finish a project since I have such little time.  And pictures of my projects are best when taken during the day, so it’s a slow process.

I try to get all the pictures I need during the days and then during the evenings I sit at my dining room table or on the couch with the hubs and with baby monitor, my notebook and laptop I edit and write my posts.

Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour
I’m hoping to upgrade shortly to actually working in my office + guest room once I clear away space first!
Ok…. Tag, you’re it!  Now it’s time to share these three amazing blogger and friends of mine.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of mine.  
Be sure to check out the above blogs for their upcoming tours!
Thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “Delineate Your Dwelling Blog Tour

  1. Hey so I just read your bio a few days ago and saw that you live in New Mexico. I grew up in Artesia and love Taos as my frequent getaway. I live in Texas now but my heart is still there 🙂 Love your front porch!

  2. LOVED reading this Amy! I had no idea about the time and energy that goes into blogging until I started my own. I completely relate to wishing you could make/ do every single neat idea that pops into your head! With only one little guy (a toddler busy enough for 10 right now I’m sure!), nap time is my most productive time of the day as well … I actually make lists of what I hope to accomplish through nap time days in advance 😉 I can’t wait to check out what the other ladies have to share too! SO MUCH FUN!

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