One Hour glimpse at Alt Summit, Day 1

Friends, oh friends.  I had no idea this little blogging conference was going to make me smile so much.  I’m on a happy high like you can not even imagine.

I was going to give a few brief recap posts of this conference in a week or so, but I’m on such a creative high that it’s 12:17am and instead of sleeping I’m downloading just a FEW shots to share with you all because I can’t wait.  Please pardon the cell phone pictures.

(I still plan to give a few more detailed highlight posts after some time has passed and I’ve processed this trip a bit more.)

My two flights heading to Salt Lake City were the most turbulent travel I have ever witnessed. I was literally praying the entire time and asking God to “just let me see Martha before I go.”  Prayers answered, I’ll be hearing Martha Stewart tomorrow at lunch time.

Here I am, actually signing the back of my cards because awesome me forgot to put my NAME on my business cards.  I’m super smart.

We are all staying at the Grand America hotel and it’s so fun and faaaancy.

Something about being here is completely invigorating.  I am going up to everyone I see, striking up conversations, hearing their story, learning about their journey on their blog and being so inspired!
I’ve totally become the stalker blogger about 10 times today and just introduced myself to some amazingly talented blogger ladies.  And can I just take a moment to say, bloggers are exceedingly kind, even when you just walk up and give them impromptu hugs.

There are some of the most amazing sponsors here.  Every where we turn there are lovely products awaiting to be taken, loved and used.  The Honest Co has decked out the bathroom like you could not even imagine.  And let me say, the hotel bathroom is so large I’ve gotten lost twice in there.  You could literally hold large meetings in the “sitting room” area.

Our business card drop zone.  This was early in the morning on the first day, it’s much more full now.

Joy Cho from Oh Joy just signing into the conference like one of the regulars.

Bing has set up the most lovely displays you can imagine.  It’s like an Anthropologie store everywhere you look.

I got a few solo shots before many people started coming in.  Isn’t this floral display so simple and elegant?


I might need to “take” this arrangement with me.

They had a little craft section setup and Melissa Esplin who is the most AMAZING calligrapher and I just chatted it up for a while.  Then, I convinced her to draw me a small card that read, “so creative” it’s absolutely stunning.  And can we also talk about that stunning succulent wall behind her?

And this brings up to 9am on day 1… Miss Joy spoke and shared a little bit of her journey from graphic designer to amazing entrepreneur.
I hope you enjoyed just a little eye candy.  I’ll save the rest of the day for another post… my eyes are closing and I need some rest if I’m going to meet Martha tomorrow.  😉


7 thoughts on “One Hour glimpse at Alt Summit, Day 1

  1. I feel like I can’t breathe. What an amazing experience so far!! I have GOT to go to this next year. Thanks for the update so I can feel like I’m kind of there with you haha! Excited to see more!!

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