Adorable LOVE Projects for Valentine’s Day

Once mid-January hits, it’s on for love love love!  And today I am sharing some of my most adorable LOVE projects for Valentine’s Day.  Whether you celebrate the holiday in big or small ways, there is always room for a tiny little craft to show someone you love them.

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Cupid’s Bow + Arrow : The most adorable kid’s craft for your next Valentine’s Day party!

Fringed Felt Hearts :  You’ll never guess what was used for the base of this project!

Geometric Heart Coloring Page : For young and old alike, everyone likes a good coloring page.

Heart Painted Candy Box : A perfectly adorable way to hold all the Valentine’s Day candy!

Love you Oodles of Noodles : Printable Valentine included, plus everyone loves MARBLING!

Marbled Valentine’s Day Shortbread Cookies : Everything is better with chocolate marbling.

DIY Pink Popcorn + Printable : DIY your own PINK popcorn!

Painted Valentine’s Day Vase : Can you spot the beans in this project?? Right!

White Chocolate Mousse Dessert : We all need more Chocolate Mousse in our lives!

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