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I recently went to a creative book launching event.  While there I met and chatted with so many folks who have found the thing that fuels their heart and then have done their best to move towards it.  That kind of person inspires me so greatly.  I left that event even more excited to be pursuing my creative dreams.  I so want to encourage you all in the same way so I created this free Find Your Fire printable for you!

Find-Your-Fire-printable-squareIt’s so easy to fall into the trap of going through the motions of life.  BELIEVE ME, these last few years have been weighty years for me and my family.  I understand there are bills to be paid, life to be lived, moving to deal with, kids to take to their things, etc… but when you can find something that really excites you – something that you find joy in, I fully believe in going for it!

I think that looks differently for everyone.  Some of us just need to start a new hobby and others of us need to quit our jobs and take a new direction.  Whatever it is in your life, I strongly encourage you to ‘Find your Fire’ and explore ways to incorporate that into your daily, weekly or even monthly life!

This print comes in an 8.5 by 11 size download.  You can print it on your home printer or at  your favorite local print shop.

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