Friday Fun

Woot woot.  It is time for some Friday Fun, am I right?!!

Friday Fun


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I reeeeeally want to try hand knitting with my kids this summer.  It seems like the perfect busy hands type of task that would entertain them and yield something very fun in the end!

Loved this article on navigating a career change.  Sometimes the first step is the scariest.

Just bought this for my interior designer sister and her soon to be baby boy.  Cutest design baby book ever!!

Everyone it seems has jumped on the La Croix train and this cake is just too much!!

Which would you eat??? The donuts or the cake?  Or both!

I might be making this officially my summer 2017 drink.

This gal BRINGS it with the color… but she does it so well.

My favorite DIY of the week, maybe the month.  Honestly, I love it bad.

Delineate Your Dwelling this week:  Colorful Cork Pennants, Top Summer Party Finds + Painted Peony Bags

Instagram Image from top of post : Fun Drinks

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