Friday jams.

Friday Jams

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I got my paints out today. It felt so good. ๐Ÿ’—โค๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’šย  What was a good thing about your day… other than it being FRIDAY! ย Here are a few other things that made me so happy this week (heavy on the Valentine’s Day theme).

Speaking of HAPPY… this is from last year but OH I love it regardless. ย Could someone please host this Mother’s Day brunch for me??!

I started a “book club” (read we drink and chat for about 7 minutes about what we read) with my girl friend. ย We are readingย this bookย and it’s so good. ย Highly recommend Chasing Slow.

I loved seeing the simple yet colorful home featured from my home town in Indiana!!

I mean, seriously! ย Ombre, hearts, balloons!! ย What more does a background loving girl need.

This couldn’t be more simple, but dang it’s adorable for an easy Valentine’s Day.

Having trouble feeling creatively inspired? ย Read this, pronto.

I’ve been wanting to do a wall hanging and this is just about my speed.

How do I have so many creative friends writing books?!! ย Makes me a proud friend.

I’m so fascinated with embroidery on paper and this one is for the upcoming LOVE DAY!

I can’t stop this song. ย And after seeing this choreography, I am pretending like I dance like that. ย Sooooo fun.

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