Sparkler Printable roundup

To all my US readers, HAPPY FOURTH of JULY!  I love celebrating our freedom and what better way than SPARKLERS!  I mean, Sparklers are pretty much the best thing ever and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of loving them.  I’m excited because this year I found 12″ Neon Sparklers.  I don’t even know what they will be like, but they sounded big and neon, so I was intrigued!  Today, I’m doing a quick Sparkler Printable roundup because there is still time before the sunsets to print out a few fun printables!

Fourth of July Sparkler Printable, Delineate Your Dwelling

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For the Makers

Fourth of July
Lovely Indeed
Fourth of July
Almost Makes Perfect
Alice and Lois
The Proper
And if you are looking for a few additional Fourth of July projects, you can check out these I have done!

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