9 Creative takes on Chocolate Bark Recipes

Give me all the sweets.  And then add in chocolate, sprinkles, candy, some strawberries, a little cereal, some pretzel sticks, a few cookies, maybe a donut and what do you get??  Besides a serious need to visit the dentist, 9 Creative takes on Chocolate Bark Recipes!  I would not recommend eating these all at once, but a few a time would be completely acceptable in my opinion.

Nine Must Try Creative Chocolate Bark Recipes, Delineate Your Dwelling

I’ve never made chocolate bark but after seeing a few pop up here and there, I started searching for more recipes and the one thing they all have in common is they are SO SIMPLE!  Also they appear to be a very quick dessert to make, as well.  You better believe I will be sharing my own version of Chocolate Bark in the very near future.

Update : I’ve since given chocolate bark and try and it’s such fun!!

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Frosted Circus Animal Cracker Bark

Circus-Animal-Bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Marbled Chocolate Bark

valentine bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Doughnut Crunch Candy Bark

1-Doughnut-Crunch-Candy-Bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Strawberry Pretzel Chocolate Swirl

Strawberry-Pretzel-Chocolate-Swirl-Bark-Semisweet-White-Chocolate, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Mint Chocolate Swirl Bark

Easy-Mint-Chocolate-Bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Strawberry Yogurt Bark

5-strawberry-yogurt-bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe

Color Block Chocolate

colorblocked-chocolate-bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe


Marbled Chocolate Bark

Marbleized-Spring-Bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe


Rainbow Unicorn Bark

10-rainbow-unicorn-bark, Chocolate Bark Recipe



6 thoughts on “9 Creative takes on Chocolate Bark Recipes

  1. These all look amazing! my kids love making any kind of chocolate bark with me! I think they might go bonkers when they see the donut crunch bark!!! I could go bonkers over all of these!! Thank you for sharing!

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