DIY Marbled Clothes Pins

I’m back today with another shaving cream marble project!  Last week I shared how I made a DIY Marble Notebook and after I finished, I literally stood up and thought, I LOVE THIS! WHAT ELSE CAN I MARBLE?”  I took two steps, grabbed a handful of wooden clothes pins and went to town.  Today, I am sharing how simple these fun DIY Marbled Clothes Pins are to make!

DIY Marbled Clothes Pins, Delineate Your Dwelling


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supply list

Clothes Pins
Shaving Cream
*Rectangular Labels
Food Color (mine are gel, but any kind will do)
Plastic Container

DIY Marbled Clothes Pin supplies

The steps for creating this marbled pattern are in my previous Marbled Notebook post.  It’s so simple and takes about 3 minutes to do one label.

Once you have your paper labels marbled and dried, it’s time to add them to the clothes pins.

First, measure your clothes pins width and length.  Then cut to size and apply to your clothes pin.

DIY Marbled Clothes Pin steps


Done and done!

DIY Marbled Clothes Pins, Delineate Your Dwelling
DIY Marbled Clothes Pins, Delineate Your Dwelling


Shaving cream marbling for the win!

Have you tried marbling with shaving cream yet?  What have you made?

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