Camping Birthday Party Invitation

My son, kiddo #2 will be celebrating his third birthday very soon!  How that cutie pie boy is turning THREE I just do not even know.  I love celebrating my babies on their birthdays and making them feel special. However, birthday parties can quickly get out of control and you can spend hundreds of dollars on decor, favors, cake, activities, etc.  I like going the DIY route because I can create a fun day for them but without spending much at all.

I went with a Camping Party theme and today I am really excited to kick off a Wednesday mini series of Camping Birthday Party DIYs. Today I am sharing my FREE printable Camping Birthday Party Invitation.

Camping Birthday Party Invitation,

I loved designing this party invite.  They are 5 x 7 is size and are easily customized with your own party information.

Camping Party Invitation
On the downloadable file, I have two per page for easier printing.

Camping Birthday Invite

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See how I made an easy Sew a Dress-up Camping Vest for the party, too!
Dress-up Camping Vest,

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5 thoughts on “Camping Birthday Party Invitation

  1. I would like to use your Camping Party Invitation but when I click on the Download File link it takes me to my Google Drive but that is it….no file. If there is another way I could get the file would truly appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Marisa! I tried the link and it seemed to work for me. What is your email and I can email it to you.

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