Leaf Press, Anthropologie Autumn Window Display

Last month, I participated in my first ever Anthropologie window display workshop and it was such fun!  I had heard about these events and was told to check their website.  Well, living in a state with only ONE Anthropologie, there was a very limited local Anthro online community.  So, one day this summer, while browsing their lovely store I just asked someone at the front and was put on a “list”.  Fast forward six months and an email invitation arrived in my in-box.  So today, I will be sharing the simple Leaf Press, Anthropologie Autumn Window Display we created together.

fall anthropologie window

The supplies could not be more simple.

Paint Brush
Acrylic Paint, color of your choice
Leaves gathered from your backyard
Tissue Paper
Clear Contact Paper

fall anthropologie supplies

Prior to us arriving, the amazing creative team at Anthropologie had taken different fall colors of tissue paper and placed clear contact paper overtop.  They then used a cutting press to cut out the shapes of the leaves, but this could easily be done with scissors.  They were cutting out thousands, so mass cutting was needed.

Our job was simple.  We brushed paint onto our real leaf and then put the tissue paper leaf overtop and applied a little pressure.  No need for perfection, it was to look natural and organic.

fall anthropologie process

After we got tired of a color or a leaf pattern, we just switched colors or leaves.

fall anthropologie table

I loved the colors they choose for this project. And you may recognize that gold leaf in the upper right hand corner.  I asked to take it home when we finished and turned it into a fun little autumn sign project which you can check out on my fall home tour.

fall anthropologie leaf

After about two hours of this and me asking 87 million questions about Anthropologie’s creative team and as much behind the scene info I could squeeze out of them, we finished the workshop.  I think they probably made an additional 1,000 leaves but it was fun to help even just a little bit.  A week or so later, I stopped by to see the final display completed and I fell in love!

fall anthropologie front display

In typical amazing Anthro style, they mixed up the traditional fall scene.  They suspended cut up tree branches with yarn and then hung the leaves from there.  They do simple massing so well.

fall anthropologie display

Would these not be the most stunning photo backdrop!

fall anthropologie front

fall anthropologie final display

I just accepted an invitation next week for their winter display and I can’t wait!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, be sure to ask at your local Anthropologie store.  They love the community interaction!

17 thoughts on “Leaf Press, Anthropologie Autumn Window Display

  1. How exciting an opportunity! You’re diligence clearly paid off. I’ve always admired Anthro’s use of community involvement to build their displays. I’m thinking of all the fun ways I can plan something like this with a winter theme…. 🙂 I’ll be featuring this fun adventure on Think & Make Thursday tomorrow. Cheers!


  2. Gorgeous!!! I just attended my first workshop and met so many lovely craftily ladies! We exchanged information and I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    Great minds think alike 😉

    1. I know, it was a blast! I’m attending a winter display workshop next Thursday. You should just ask your local store, I’m sure they have them!

  3. How fun you got to play a part in such a gorgeous window display! And get to do it again! I can’t wait to see the next one! I agree, they do simple mass so well! I always stand and stare at their ridiculously creative windows in utter amazement.

    1. Thanks Shelley! It was really fun to be a part of their stunning displays. If you’re interested you should definitely ask your local store if they do workshops. Most bigger city Anthro’s do display workshops AND tons of amazing craft nights.

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