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Today marks a very special day, I am celebrating my eighth wedding anniversary with my most amazing hubs.  And although I rarely talk much about our personal life, I wanted to say this has been the most wonderful eight years of my life.  We’ve had lots of highs and our fare share of lows.  However, without question, I have been blessed beyond measure by having him in my life.

One of my friends, Corey from Tiny Sidekick, also just celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary and shared 3 Simple DIY Wedding Ideas.  I loved that idea and decided to share with you all how I created my own DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget (and mind you, this was years before Pinterest was on the scene).

We married two years after graduating college and made the decision to pay for our own wedding.  My mother helped with my wedding dress and the hubs’ parents paid for our delicious rehearsal dinner, but otherwise we covered the remaining costs.  I think most would be surprised to know how much we were able to DIY, do things on the cheap and still have a lovely and elegant wedding.

Song of Solomon 3:4 I have found the one whom my soul loves.

DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper
If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know I have a paper love that runs deeply (here and here are examples).  I was not a bride who had been dreaming of her wedding day since birth.  I didn’t really care what food was served or what music we played.  However, I chose a few items and really focused my time and effort into making those me/us.  Those items were the invitations, the decor and most importantly to us, having Christ as the center of our ceremony.

My mother traveled out for a wedding planning session.  I knew my invitations would be the overall theme for the wedding, so that’s where we started.  We went paper shopping and then began to brainstorm ideas.  I mocked up this invitation and then started figuring out how to create this invitation as inexpensively as possible.

DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper
The huge key to this being a paper heavy but inexpensive invitation was that it was all do-it-yourself.  My most amazing roommate at the time, Liliana, was such a stellar bridesmaid and night after night we sat cutting paper by hand.
Please note, these were NOT quick throw it together invitations.  But if you have the time and capacity, I would highly recommend creating something you can cherish for a lifetime.
Lots of beautiful papers
*Hollow Metal Punch (this was to add a hole to all those layers of paper for the eyelet)
DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper
Incase you didn’t count… I used six layers of paper.  Maybe slightly overdone, but I couldn’t help myself.  We saved a ton of money by buying five inexpensive papers and using lots of coupons.  Then, the actual white invitation paper was a heavier quality (still just got it at Hobby Lobby) and the black embossed bottom paper was bought in a large 24 x 36 sheet (this was bought at a local paper shop – and the only pricey one).  I bought two sheets of this paper, to be safe.
Every single word and graphic printed on my invitation was also printed on an inexpensive home printer.  And let me tell you what, it was NOT smooth sailing.  I used Photoshop to design it and then the hubs did the actual printing at his apartment.  We messed up soooo many times trying to get things aligned and justified and just right.  This is not for the faint of heart.  This was a serious time-consuming task.
DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper

Oh that lovely embossed black paper.  I forgot how much I loved it.  See me petting it in this picture? I am so in love, I don’t even care that three of my five fingers have different nail polish on them.  (I was just trying out new colors before I decided to do this little post yesterday, whoops!)

DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper

This just goes to prove that there is nothing that some elbow grease, a lot of time and a serious desire for DIY can’t accomplish.

DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper

The entire set.  My six layer invite, the RSVP card, a map to ceremony + reception locations, the ribbon that tied it all together and the envelope.  Wows, that was a lot of work.

DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper
DIY Wedding Invitations on a budget, Delineate Your Dwelling #invite #paper

But eight years later… many memories of all the friends and family that helped make that a special day, an amazing marriage, two wonderful kiddos… I’m blessed beyond words.

Did you DIY your wedding invitations?  I would looove to see them!  Instagram and tag me.  I love sharing reader pictures in my monthly newsletter.  You can follow me here.

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12 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitations

  1. What beautiful invitations! I get the whole thing and I love it all!! Besides the beautiful papers, I love the verse and the special meaning it has to you. Christ is truly the foundation of a wonderful marriage. Congratulations on 8 and may you multiply it many many times over!
    Thanks Amy for linking your inspiring invitations at Project Inspire{d}!

  2. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I missed this post! your invitations turned out beautiful and I can’t believe it was 8 years ago! You are such a talented crafter, and I love that embossed paper!

  3. We DIY about all of our wedding including invitations. We only had one type of paper but it was a really pretty green in various shades. My husbands uncle then printed them up so we didn’t have to worry about that but we did all the folding, making a torn edge and then we made envelopes (with a torn edge) out of the same paper. We were in college at the time and I remember my finance and I along with a couple of other friends from my dorm sitting in the dorm kitchen working on it.

    Yours are very pretty. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Beautiful invites and a lovely bit of your story. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been asked to make invites for a very special friend for her wedding next year so we have started a pinboard together to collect our ideas, this is going on for consideration for sure!
    (pinterest actually makes me want to get married all over again just so I can collect lots of beautiful ideas!)
    and btw you are rocking the multi effect nails so don’t apologise!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Amy!! Congrats on 8 yrs! Loved the invites! My brother just got engaged last week, and I’m hoping my future sister in law enlists my help with some of the details!! Love weddings!

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