Locker lovin’

I promise, this will be one of the last locker posts (unless I come up with some amazing organization trick down the road).  I’ve already posted about them here.  Can you blame me, though – lockers are the best.  Today I am sharing some more detailed Locker lovin’.

Ikea Locker upgrades and organization, Delineate Your Dwelling

 I’ve been doing some craft organization and it’s by no means completed but there has been some progress made.

Ikea Locker organize, Delineate Your Dwelling

 Ikea Locker organize, Delineate Your Dwelling

 Ikea Locker organize, Delineate Your Dwelling

Ikea Locker organize, Delineate Your Dwelling

I also added a few items to the top of the lockers.  I was surprised how often I would unlock and open the lockers to get out my colored pencils or nice drawing pens.  SO, up to the top they went.  Now with a quick reach, I’ve got them all right where I need them.

I found these adorable metallic glasses at Z.Gallerie a few months ago while “browsing” with my mama.  I wanted to display them somewhere down lower but both the kiddos couldn’t keep their hands off them!

Ikea Locker details

As previously mentioned, I had a few decal ideas up my sleeves.  After taking waaaay too long to figure out how to use my Silhouette printer (birthday present), I came up with these little gems.

These four decals took about 3 hours.  It was probably because I had bought the wrong sized adhesive vinyl for the Portrait sized printer.  Then, I printed all four on one sheet and that ended up being a mess.  Then, I misaligned the vinyl and it chopped one of the decals in half.  Lets just say, many lessons learned.  I think it should have taken an hour to design, print and apply all four.  Phew… but aren’t they just lovely?

And a few more of the small details…

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