How to install Faux Garage Windows

Come take a quick walk with me as we head outside to your front yard for a moment. Now turn around and take a nice long look at the front of your home.  What do you see?  A painted front door, maybe some shutters… what about that big empty white box — the garage door!

Let’s be honest, most of us have dull boring garage doors, but with a very minimal cost you will be amazed at the huge impact you can give your front. Today I will be sharing how to install Faux Garage Windows!

Faux Garage Door Windows, Delineate Your Dwelling
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Are you with me on this?  Check out how great these faux garage door windows look!
We had done some searching for a way to inexpensively update her garage doors and stumbled upon these faux garage door windows from Home Depot.  NOTE : It looks like HD no longer carries them, but Amazon does now!!  They come in pair of two.
faux windowAmazon sells the pair of windows in three different colors; almond, sandstone and white.
This was roughly an hour long project at a beginner’s level of difficulty.
With four garage window panels total, first we centered the middle two on the garage door.  The box comes with a template but after the first window is installed, it tears and is not really needed.
The next step was to mark the hole locations and then drill pilot holes.
Completed Faux window, Delineate Your Dwelling

Then using a level, double check that the windows are properly aligned.  Since we had pre-drilled, the windows went up easily just using a screwdriver.

Can you see how real these garage windows look?  They even reflect just like windows would!

Have I made a believer out of you?  Who is up for making YOUR garage door look a million times better with me?!!



30 thoughts on “How to install Faux Garage Windows

  1. If you don’t have the $400 to spend you can also paint the windows on with a high gloss paint. Did you see those pins? They look very nice also; beautiful job on yours, I bet your Mom loves it 🙂

    1. I’ve not seen the painted on window pins, but I’ll be on the lookout for them now! And yes, 5 years later and my mom still loves her windows! 😉

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  3. Your house is so cute Amy!!! I love those windows too. They add so much to the front. I have windows already but they are weird shapes so maybe I could cover them with these! Thanks for letting me know about a very cool product!

  4. These faux windows are so cool! Have you seen the fake magnetic hardware? I applied some to my doors this summer and they make such a difference! They look like fancy carriage doors now. 🙂 You should come check them out in my popular posts section! Nice job. Loving your curb appeal.

  5. I wish they came in a different color! I feel like it needs to be the color of the garage to blend in and look real. Maybe painting would be an option???

    1. Sarah, I would completely agree. I thought they came in cream for a while, but it doesn’t look like it does anymore. I would think painting would be an option, though! Good luck.


  6. I’ve been dying to add thos faux windows to my two garage doors for a while now. I’ve been stalking Home Depot for them, but only lucked out with some of the hardware. I will definitely make another run there this weekend just in case. It really does make a difference doesn’t it?

    1. Christine:

      We ordered them online through Home Depot so the little beauties were delivered right to our door! It does make a huge difference. Good luck getting them!


    1. You’re giving me heart attacks left and right here. I can’t handle that you are commenting on MY blog. Such talent on Lolly Jane.

      Thanks though, an incredibly easy project and such an amazing “after” photo!


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